About us

ERAK GROUP is a holding composed by several companies from different fields.

First company established in 2008 in Skopje under the name Karaci Turs Balkan. Continuing its services with the W-touristic brand established in 2018. Currently we are located in several countries with offices, and a main point in Skopje. Our offices might be found in Montenegro, Dubrovnik and Istanbul. We can proudly say that in 2020 we have become an IATA member.
It was the consequential development of a Holding, under ERAK group which continuously invests and develops different fields and businesses, related to tourism, transport and hospitality.

Under holding we have a transport company, with 6 buses and 6 minibuses. Mainly focused on corporate transportation and airport shuttle. In the city centre of Skopje on main pedestrian street we owned one of the best restaurants. Focused on high quality and service, the restaurant is well recognized among citizens.

The last of our companies was announced W Eco. Main activities of this new-born company will be keeping the environment sustainable and green. Focus of W Eco will be recycling of plastic waste.


Continuous growing and adaptation to market needs. Continuous improvement of the team, offers, and services.

There are several core points we are trying to share with our colleagues:

  1. Client Focused
  2. Constantly learning and adapting to new positions in market
  3. Continuous improvement (innovations)
  4. No I in TEAM

Our Vision

Long-term vision is that we will succeed to be No1. tour operator in the tourism sector in our country.

Long-term vision is that we will succeed to be No1. tour operator in the tourism sector in our country, to have the opportunity to renew our fleet regularly and to provide high quality service to our customers. And one of the most important things that has been imposed on us is to be a socially responsible and eco sustainable group.

How will we succeed?
With some basic principles on our daily work:

Changing the mind-set that is necessary for continuous improvement and innovation in the work and offers.

To have a consistent performance and people around us can count on us

Constantly learning about our clients and their needs, in order to adapt our services.

Having extensive knowledge of the industry in which we work, deep knowledge of job position and high cognitive abilities of our employees.

Reach us

St. Jurij Gagarin br.17, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Office no: +38923131131
E-mail: info@erakgroup.com

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Whether you are new to the market or a seasoned expert, we are prepared and ready to help on the full spectrum of the industry.


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